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In order to make money online, you need a list of people interested in buying what you have to offer. Problem is unless you have an unlimited bankroll. It's extremely hard and you will most likely fail.

Our company has developed a unique system that qualifies all our traffic and determines IF and WHEN they will buy something.

Meaning, we have the power to either add that visitor to our email list or just send them into a funnel and see what happens. Which builds us insanely active subscriber, pushing those "tire kickers" to the curb.

This "system" is a direct result of our experience earning over 7 figures continuously, inside affiliate marketing, networking marketing, and CPA campaigns.

Being List Building Experts, who don't always allow people into our world, this opportunity gives you a hand-up and chance to actually get conversions from your email campaigns.

Now It's Your Turn To Finally Get
Some Commission Emails...

Imagine for a moment, you were handed the keys to a fortune 500 company.

One that was churning out profits, all you had to do was take control.

Controlling the already proven formula . . .  It’s success and all that exists would be yours.

All you do is keep it running. But that too would already be in place.

Really, all you’d be doing is watching the success continue.

With our program that is, in fact, the model, you’d be following.

Not Plug-In-Play, But Buy and
Profit No Learning Curves

How is it possible to make such a bold statement …

Without an income claim or proof that is without a doubt clear and consistent.

The real question is, why do you think it’s not possible.

When it comes right down to it … the only missing link to you seeing results inside this wildly profitable industry is. F.A.S.T.

Forget your past results and failures …
Actions will always create reactions ( for every action there has to be a reaction ) ...
Study your market …
Take full control of the system …

Never heard of that before, well that’s because you may have never seen me in action.

Let Me Show You How
Easy It Really Is …

Rarely, do you get the opportunity to have someone with high-level experience, actually do all the work for you!

No matter what the “ OTHERS “ say, they really don’t care …

I’ve been there, I’ve bought those programs and seen how crappy they really are. In no way are they built to help you … but this is different.

It's simple, the fact that my system is used by me personally, to drive sales daily - proves the fact - there is priceless value.

Truth is …

There isn't a single "Solo-Ad" service, which offers this type of value!

I Want To PROVE The Value, By
Showing YOU Real Life Proof

All 100% From The Same Traffic and Leads You'll Have Access Too...

Problem is ... Most will not believe me!

GURU's tell people it's easy to make money and building a list is 1,2,3, money.

Which is simply just not true, it’s Extremely Hard …

Otherwise, you would just grab some traffic and send out those emails … all while watching your bank account grow faster and faster.

They tell you to buy solo ads, or join their “premium traffic co-op” …

Guaranteeing you those 80% sign-ups or your money back.

Here’s the first fact, all of the "Solo Ad" industry is currently plagued with injection scripts and fake emails.

When you see those 50 - 80% optin's rates and NO OPENS OR SALES!

That my friend, is why ... and it's only getting worse!

All our traffic sources are pushed into a "unique system", which has been developed over many years of driving traffic to online products and spending unheard of amounts of money.

My exact "formula" will never be released, you may see some parts of it in action, but the actual "systemized formula" is something I can't allow many to know about!

Straight to the point, we have traffic from everywhere - and they have without a doubt bought a product within the niche we are targeting.

Note that we target only … MLM, Biz Opp, Affiliate Marketing, Weight Loss and Make Money Online.

Our other traffic sources are designed to build lists in different niches, but those lists of traffic are not available in this package … ( for now ).

This Is A No Brainer, Qualified Email Subscribers Over Clicks!

In order to magnify how awesome this offer is today, I want to show you some numbers and what a "Solo Ad Mailing" really costs you …

For this example, I will use a number of $0.80 per click, but you and I both know - the averages are well over $1.00 being charged right now ...

You Purchase 1000 clicks from a solo mailer at 0.80 per click - costing you $800.00.

Now, let's say you manage to get 50% opt-in rate ( which is high, no matter what anyone says! )

You would have 500 Email Subscribers at a cost of $1.60 per subscriber

Disclaimer: banking on the hope this is a clean list, built from a legit provider and no bots inside it.

Now, think about the variables here - you had to do all the work ...

... Build a Landing Page
... Contact The Provider
... Track and Test, Retest, etc

Pray that someone enters their information to buy!

What was the REAL COST OF THAT SUBSCRIBER! Your time is valuable!

Why Gamble On "Clicks" When You Can Have Active Subscribers!

Again, it's a complete no-brainer …

No Prior Experience Needed, No lead Generation Needed, It's Easy!

There are no requirements to achieve results with our service, we provide the leads, show you how to market to them and the rewards are yours.

Just remember this ... SEND EMAIL MAKE MONEY!

Now, instead of scratching and clawing to put together a hungry list of receptive buyers or leads, you'll have us doing it for you!

What we've done is take what we do for our High-Level Marketing Clients, simplified the system and created something that automatically puts the customers and leads in your hands. We do all the qualifying and sourcing, so when you receive the final lead ... they are awaiting your follow-up.

Want proof that I am able to deliver amazing content and service ...

Visitors (Traffic)
We generate all the traffic and clean it up, so that we don't get none of that trash pushed into the system.

Cloud AI System
Using our self-developed system, we qualify all the leads and traffic. They are all verified and the system determines if they should add them to your email list. Fully Systemically.

Your Email List
We fill you email manager with qualified leads, that are 100% interested in what you have to offer.

* Note: Our system is 100% compliant with all email policies and CAN-SPAM. We do not sell or co-register anything in our system. Contact us for more information.

Your Profitable Campaign Will Include...

250 Ready-to-Email Subscribers Value $500 ($2/per)
We will drive traffic to our system, from premium top-tier sources. When our system determines that a lead will be created, the system automatically changes the form information and adds in your integration. The lead is vetted and cleaned within the system itself, prior to seeing that email subscriber sent to your email manager. These leads are 100% interested in your emails and want to receive them.

50 PreWritten Emails Value $125
We have created 50 high converting emails and tested them within the system. Our results have been amazing from them and we'd like to allow you access to them directly. Upon accessing the portal for application, you will have copy & paste access. Save yourself time and effort with these emails, just insert them with your links and send them out.

Massive Bonus Package Value $1500
+ After Purchase Access Instantly 1 Hour Complete Business Breakdown - Inside this video you'll see exactly 100% what I do online. + "List Growth" -ListGrowth formula is based on creating "niche" and "active" email lists, within a budget. The formula forces you to explorer growth within your current abilities and information you have. + "Get Streaming Now" - Learn how to get streaming on all the social media platforms. You'll see how to short-cut the learning curve, see how to get massive results from it and how you profit from it too. + Get access to our secret resources, the ones we don't let people know we use. There is even more inside, you'll have to see for yourself.

No Experience, No Products, No Prior Success Required!

No Email Manager - No Problem.

No Products to sell or Program to promoter - No Problem.

Never seen a single commission online - No Problem.

We have a list of "Free" email managers, that you can use for this setup. Once you have your campaigns pumping and your list is growing you can upgrade those accounts to high levels. So, It's No Problem!

You will also have access to training, that shows you where to find offers and products to sell without any cost. You'll also find our CPA offers that are converting like crazy for us.

Your price right now is 80% off, so don't wait long, the time is limited. We are also limiting the amount of new accounts created from this offer. So, again, don't wait to long today.

Take Action Right Now, By Activate My Campaign Now Below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Refund Available?
Yes, we do offer a limited refund policy, should you want a refund prior to your package being setup and launch - you can do so. Once we have completed all the work and you have access, there is no refund available. I am sure you can understand why - the costs we have to create and manage the packages. AN EMAIL SUBSCRIBER WILL BE REPLACED IF; UNSUBCRIBED, BOUNCES, SPAM COMPLAINT, OR OTHER ISSUES THAT QUALIFY - WITHIN THE FIRST 30 DAYS OF THAT LEAD.

Where do these leads come from?
Well, first, please read and watch everything on this page. You'll learn that we drive traffic from an amazing amount of sources. All in which are without a doubt interested in buying something with these niches. Not limited too, but are "Internet Marketing", "Network Marketing", "Affiliate Marketing", and so on. Yes, they will convert on other offers too - just test and see what happens.

Will we get bounces and unsubscribes?
Yes, without a doubt in my mind, this will in fact happen. Why - now that is the question everyone asks. First, people are interested in information, but once they get it - they could unsubscribe. People also join tons of email lists daily, for whatever reason they unsubscribe from those lists too. It happens. It's nothing new, which is why you should be always scaling your email lists. In terms of bounces, this is something that is completely out of your control and ours. My own emails bounce, that is being sent to myself. There is an infinite amount of reasons, I suggest you look at bounces and see if they are reasons. Contact us for more information or help.

Why Buy This and Not Clicks?
When you buy clicks you have to write an email swipe, send those clicks to your squeeze page and hope they convert into leads. Now you don't need to any of that. You’re only paying for guaranteed leads on your list. Not clicks.

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